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Our Mission:

Make great products. Innovate constantly.

Explore (and enjoy) our world.

and to Evangelize the natural benefits of Merino wool

Making things is our passion, specifically making amazing wool things. A rarity in today's apparel world, WoolPro is a vertical operation with deep roots in the wool industry—and WoolPro fabrics are uniquely our own. We imagine, shape and create our own designs fueled by our vision of intended product—and then we all use the products to ensure that what we reviewed on the drawing board fulfills our own expectations.

We created WoolPRO in 2012, with an idea that Merino wool fabrics could be made softer, lighter and more stable. We use custom built Merrow sewing machines, revolutionary ActiveSeam stitching, and our own sewing facilities, to create comfortable, innovative and beautiful Merino wool apparel.

WoolPRO is a 100% Merino Wool lifestyle brand for all ages. It is a daughter company of the Merrow Sewing Machine Company, a sewing machine manufacturer that has designed, manufactured, and hand-built industrial machines in the United States since 1838. WoolPRO was created by the two of us, Charlie and Owen Merrow, the 7th generation to own and operate Merrow.

We took our love of the outdoors and active lifestyle, combined it with a thorough knowledge of sewing machines and apparel construction, and created innovative wool garments with a consistent and durable athletic design. Our garments originate as practical ideas and are developed and produced in house; the designs are a function of our philosophical approach to the utility and aesthetic role of technical wool apparel.

At WoolPRO we love what we do, and we are exceedingly proud of our company and our products. We want you to love what you wear! Feel free to contact us for more information at cs@woolpro.cc.

WoolPro Collage

100% Pure Merino Wool


For thousands of years wool has been the most effective natural form of all-weather protection known to mankind, and Merino wool is regarded as the finest and softest. Inherently natural, biodegradable and renewable, WoolPro garments only use the finest micron and longest staple merino fibers to ensure maximum performance you can trust every time.

Activeseam Stitching


ActiveSeam stitching is a technical advancement in garment construction. Far stronger than standard seams, and with more than twice the stretch built into the stitch, garments with ActiveSeam fit the human body better without restricting athletic movement. Essentially undetectable when worn next to skin, ActiveSeam garments wear better and look nicer while being worn.