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Getting to Know Alvaro and the Many Faces of the Ultralight Juno

Who is Alvaro?

“My name is Alvaro Batista and I’m a dad of 5 year old twins that loves to have fun and explore different activities and places. I love to dance (salsa), snowboarding, traveling, nature outdoor activities (trail running, camping, hiking).”

The WoolPRO Juno


“I’ve been wearing the Juno (v-neck) for several months now. I have the black and light blue ones. It’s one of my go-to pieces. I love this shirt for several reasons… It fits nicely and it’s well made. The fabric is soft and feels nice on the skin. My favorite reason is that it’s versatile. The V-neck option can be worn while hiking, layered on snow trips, or can be dressed up. Put on a pair of slacks or nice jeans and hit the town. On top of that you get all the benefits of merino wool: keeps you warm in cooler weather and it’s great at controlling odor. I purposely wore the Juno for days at a time to test odor control and it did not disappoint.

The last couple of months I’ve used my Juno for everyday wear, working out, trail running, hiking, salsa dancing, dinner date, after swimming at the pool and while inside the pool! 🙂 It’s been great so far for spring and summer with temperatures ranging from 60 to 80’s and ready to keep testing in upcoming fall and winter. “


Head on over to and check out all of our Ultra-light weight options. At 135gs, we have the lightest Merino baselayers on the market!

About WoolPRO

WoolPRO was established by Owen and Charlie Merrow & the Merrow Sewing Machine company in partnership with Ahmet Yibar. Since 2013 WoolPRO has proven that carefully designed apparel, made with unique merino knits, improve the experience of anyone hiking, flying, dancing, skiing etc. etc. It is our Mission to: MAKE GREAT PRODUCTS. INNOVATE CONSTANTLY. EXPLORE (AND ENJOY) OUR WORLD. The Best Merino wool coupled with innovative designs yield a product that we’re proud of, and constantly improving on.



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