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New Zealand Merino Baselayer Review: LandSAR Rotorua

Jack is our brand ambassador in New Zealand, and he’s from the Rotorua Lakes region. He has put our baselayers to the test in running and at LandSAR where they provide a professional all-volunteer search and rescue service for the area. They also assist the local police from time to time with investigations and work closely with them on their own searches. Jack is one of the newer members of the branch!


The Rotura Region is mostly native bush or private forestry land, with many hiking and walking trails throughout. It’s also known for having some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. As a result, while working for the Rotorua Branch of LandSAR, Jack has had great opportunity to put WoolPRO through the ringer.

Here’s some of what Jack had to say:


“When I got the Scout, it was still early autumn here in New Zealand. The weather was still quite warm and I thought I wasn’t really going to be able to try it out. Surprisingly, I was able to because the Scout is a great light layer for almost all weather. I mostly wore it on its own or over a t-shirt and never once felt uncomfortable. In hot weather, I just opened the zipper, rolled up the sleeves and suddenly I was wearing a nice cool t-shirt. As we get closer to winter and the night gets colder, I never need to wear more than the Scout out running. It keeps me warm but removes the moisture so I don’t get cold when I’m done.” WoolPRO Agena, New Zealand

“Living in New Zealand I have a lot of access to high-quality Merino wool gear. The problem is a lot of it is much too expensive, some items costing up $200 for a simple underlayer. So when I saw that WoolPro was offering what seemed to be high-quality merino gear for a low price I was skeptical. I applied to their Brand Ambassador program, received my Scout and Agena, and been nothing short of impressed.”

“Visually, the Agena looks great and can even be worn as part of a casual outfit. My only minor gripe- if you own big white dogs that shed a lot, don’t pick black. Luckily, it can be brushed off easily. Performance-wise, it has far exceeded my expectations. I wore it at the gym, out running, biking, and hiking, as well as out and around in town. I never once felt that I was too hot or cold. Also, it doesn’t smell even after a week of activity without a wash! This is great for extended outdoor trips. Overall, the Scout and Agena are great baselayers for anyone into outdoor activities. I highly recommend it.”

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