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Fun with Julia and Her Boston Terrier, Sabbie at the Beach

Julia definitely does have fun! Living in Boston (with her adopted BOSTON Terrier Sabbie) leaves Julia wanting to balance city living with some outdoor adventuring. So, on the weekends, she and Sabbie hike, camp, stroll the beach, and travel a bit! Because of this, Julia appreciates good Merino wool layers. Check out her gear review!


Check out her Instagram to see what else she’s up to! @juliahasfun. If you’re a fan of adorable pup IG accounts, you can follow her Boston Terrier, Sabbie @snortyspice

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Gear Reviews

All of Julia’s reviews of products also appear on her website, JuliaHasFun

“A couple of weeks ago, WoolPRO sent me a couple of their products in exchange for my honest review. WoolPRO boasts a collection of 100% merino wool base layers suitable for all ages. They sent my way a women’s Scout 1/4 zip, as well as a women’s Skylark. Last weekend, I decided to take my newly adopted pup, Sabbie, to the beach for the first time. It was a windy and chilly day, so I figured it would be a perfect time to test out one of the long sleeves from WoolPRO.”


Scout at the Beach

“I was a little skeptical while layering up, because I wasn’t sure if the thickness of the Scout was going to be good enough to keep me warm as the single long sleeve layer underneath my fleece. I did notice right away that it was very comfortable (the zipper wasn’t stiff at all, which was a nice change from what I’m used to with these types of tops) and felt nice on my skin. Why not give it a shot?

When we got to the beach, just as expected, it was windier and colder than back home. Luckily for me, I was very comfortable in what I was wearing. (And I say this as someone who always manages to be cold.) Granted, it wasn’t a below-freezing day or anything, but it was nice to have a layer to counteract the effects of the wind chill.

After spending about 90 minutes on the beach, Sabs and I made our way back to the car. Throughout the entire walk, my upper body managed to stay at a comfortable temperature. I didn’t feel like I was overdressed, even while sitting in the car, nor did I regret my layering choices when I was actually out and about. The women’s Scout managed to keep me warm in windy conditions, but didn’t make my layering feel bulky at all.”

Skylark on Sabbie’s First Hike

“Last weekend, we took Sabbie on her first hike! We weren’t sure how she would deal with the mixed terrain and all of the ups and downs but our little girl was great on her feet! The toughest part for her was untangling her leash after doing laps around a tree.

While suiting up for the hike I decided to try out the 100% Merino Wool Skylark long sleeve that WoolPRO sent me to test and review. I layered it underneath a fleece since I wasn’t sure how windy it would be. Like the Scout, the Skylark felt nice on my skin and didn’t cause any itchiness. It sat comfortably and didn’t need to be repeatedly readjusted like so many base layers I’ve owned in the past.

When we got to the trail, I elected to keep my fleece layer on, on top of the Skylark. About halfway through, I realized that in typical Julia fashion, I’d worn too many layers and tossed the fleece in the backpack. The Skylark was great at keeping me at a comfortable temperature, not too warm, not too cold. And when I did work up a sweat, it wicked it away better than most baselayers I’ve tried.”

Skylark Hike

Pick up an ultralight, 135g Skylark, or plan ahead and grab a Scout for ski season at!

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