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Bike & Build with Austin and His Fugawi/Juno Combo

Austin is doing amazing things with Bike & Build!

Never heard of it? Well, it’s a nonprofit organization that works with cycling enthusiasts that have a passion for service. A group of cyclists ride from one side of the U.S. to the other, along one of various routes, and build homes along the way with Habitat for Humanity!


If you’re not into the physical biking aspect, you can always donate to a rider, or to the cause on the Bike & Build website. Austin participated on the route from North Carolina to San Diego (3,584 miles!). Check out Austin’s Bike & Build page!

Bike Build Juno
Pre-Trip with a Juno Tee


Gear Review

Bike Build Colorado
In Colorado with Bike & Build

So, what does Austin think of his Fugawi hoodie and Juno ultralight tee? Check out his Instagram and read his reviews below!



“I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle the cold early morning build day starts without my WoolPRO hoodie. I grabbed it on my way out the door the first day I went building because I wasn’t expecting cold temps in mid-April here in NC. At first I was worried that I would ruin it, but in my dreary morning haze decided my warmth was more important than the safety of my jacket. I was pleasantly surprised when at the end of the day it was no worse for wear after hours of moving plywood, sawing lumber, and crawling into tight spaces to hammer. It’s been worn for three build days now with no ill effects.

I have to say that the “warm while wet” mantra holds true. I’ve found myself taking off my jersey after a ride and just wearing my hoodie to stay warm for the drive home until I can shower and put on fresh clothes. The best part is that while I shower my jacket airs out and it’s usually ready to wear again when I’m clean, smell-free because the “Merino doesn’t stink” catchphrase is also true. I’ve worn my jacket riding, and turned around and worn it out to dinner with friends in the space of two hours with no ill effects. I can’t imagine wearing anything else I’ve worn exercising out in public. My usual running pullover smells even after I wash it.”

Bike Build Fugawi
Bicycling Fugawi




The Juno Shirt has become a key part of my wardrobe since I got it. Primarily due to it’s versatility and the stink proof factor. It’s an attractively cut V-neck made out of superfine merino wool, and it is at home on the bike, running errands or out on the town. Mine is black, which serves to both cover up any dirt or marks it picks up out on adventures, as well as lending a classy look to the wearer on more formal occasions such as a dinner out or drinks on Friday night. No matter the occasion it an serve as an accent to your outfit or the centerpiece.

I would never admit this to my friends but I get away with washing this shirt once a week! The merino wool really does refuse to smell, no matter what I put it through. The shirt has held up well to the washings I’ve put it through, though there haven’t been too many. I can confidently say that it holds up well. I’ve accidentally thrown it into the drier after washing it, instead of following the “no tumble dry” care instructions. It popped back out looking good as new! I was really worried that it would shrink, but it fit the same as always.

I can honestly say I have no complaints about this shirt, except that I only own one. My friends never need to know, though. They can keep thinking I have three of the same shirt that I wear in rotation every week.”



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