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BA Undergrad Researcher Puts His WoolPRO Gear to the Test

Over here at WoolPRO we love our Brand Ambassadors! We are always excited when Adam writes in with his recent adventures. We get the chance to live through his stories and tag along on his journey. Being a researcher, who better to put our gear to test? Check out his review!



Instagram: @adammoreau1

Likes to take trips backpacking and runs often- almost daily. Also, he leads a number of backpacking and camping trips run through an organization at his university where he is an active researcher.

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“This past season I got a really awesome chance to be a WoolPRO Brand Ambassador (#WoolPRO, #WoolPROBA) and to test out and spread the word about some of their products. For this season I was able to try out two different base layers and a couple pairs of sock, all merino wool of course. Here are a couple of my thoughts:

The 1/4 Zip Scout Baselayer:

The Scout was probably my favorite of the three products that I got to test this season, but it sure was a close decision. The cut on the Scout fits me perfectly, it’s a European style though, so it’ll tend to be just a bit smaller than normal US cuts. This style is actually pretty great, and something I wish more brands would adopt. It’s athletic cut hugs close to my body and offers a TON of warmth despite weighing in at a mere 6oz and being totally non-restrictive.

The 1/4 Zip is something I’ve never tried before, and was initially a little skeptical of it being worth it. Turns out my fears were completely false, the zipper is great! Like I said before this is a warm baselayer, and in the mornings as the day began to heat up, it was nice to be able to open up the zip a bit and cool off without having to stop and change. I really don’t have any complaints about this baselayer, it’s been serving me well, and I’m sure it will be in my pack for many seasons to come!

Skylark Lightweight Baselayer:

WoolPRO’s Skylark in a single word: Comfortable. This light baselayer is incredibly soft, and a great choice for a shirt to wear all day. In the cool of the morning and evening it did a great job keeping me warm, and then as it got to the middle of the day I found the Skylark breathing well enough that I had the convenient options of keeping the sleeves down for some sun protection or rolling them up a bit to enjoy a cool breeze. Now of course that’s not to mention the fact that both of my WoolPRO baselayers just don’t smell! Everyone says how good wool won’t stink, but I still couldn’t believe it till I got my chance to try them out myself. Finally to top it all off by weighing in at a meager 4.7oz the Skylark easily fits into even an ultrlighter’s backpacking weight budget.

Parallax Socks:

My new WoolPRO hiking socks couldn’t have come at a better time. Just the week before I got them I got yet another hole in one of my old pairs of socks (different brand). I have 3 pairs of the new WoolPRO socks, and they have been fantastic. WoolPRO’s Socks are solid, good price, great fit, super comfortable and very warm. I think that might be my only minor complaint about the gear I’ve gotten this season…sometimes it can be too good at it’s job! The upshot is if you want warm feet check these out, and rumor has it that they are looking to release a new type of sock soon too! Overall these are some pretty solid socks, and are a much better quality than some other brands that I’ve tried out over the years. Take if from a researcher!”

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