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the WoolPRO by Merrow story & card.

WoolPRO by Merrow

WoolPRO by Merrow is a 100% Merino Wool lifestyle brand for all ages. It is a daughter company of the Merrow Sewing Machine Company, a sewing machine manufacturer that has designed, manufactured, and hand-built industrial machines in the United States since 1838. Merrow’s seventh generation owners, Charlie and Owen Merrow, took their love of the outdoors and active lifestyle, combined it with a thorough knowledge of sewing machines and apparel construction, and created WoolPRO in 2012.


WoolPRO utilizes high quality 100% Merino Wool and the revolutionary ActiveSeam Stitch (invented by Merrow in 2010 and used widely by major brands) to create innovative wool garments with a consistent, comfortable, and durable athletic design. Our products originate as practical ideas and are developed and produced in house; we design, knit and sew all of our own products. The designs are a function of our philosophical approach to the utility and aesthetic role of technical wool apparel.

We have spent 180 years developing and manufacturing technical textile products, and we believe our new WoolPRO garments are the best combination of comfort, fit and function in the Merino Wool category. At WoolPRO we love what we do, and we are exceedingly proud of our company and our products. We hope you will love what you wear! Feel free to contact us for more information at

About Merrow:

Merrow – perhaps the most interesting sewing machine company in the world has two main goals:

1.We build the worlds’ best overlock sewing machines and specializes in customizing them for specific applications. Our sewing machines are the connection between the sample room and the factory floor.

Our are designed for the modern industrial sewing room and are available in quantity to the industrial markets worldwide; where production on scale happens. But our Sample Room is designed for the production manager, student or fashion designer. We will build a stitch that works perfectly for a specific application, and then produce the machines needed to build it in quantity.

This has been a successful formula: there are more than 300,000 Merrow Machines used worldwide. We estimate there are Tens of Thousands of variations of our machines working all day every day.

Our Machines are unique by design, and our stitch is the best in the world.

2. We help people produce a valuable stitch.
The Stitch Matters It Means a lot to call a stitch a Merrow. Our Sewing Machines incorporate a unique cam driven technology which achieves more consistent, technically superior stitches. The result is that products stitched on Merrow machines have better seams, last longer and wear better.

Stitching matters, we know it, and now so do you. Producing textiles, garments, and other sewn products with a Merrow Stitch creates value in the marketplace, allowing customers to distinguish between a high quality designed stitch, and everything else.

To do this, we build great sewing machines and support the thousands of different stitches that our machines can produce with spare parts milled to .001″ tolerances (in many cases). We support just about every machine we’ve ever made, and still ship parts for machines manufactured in the 1800s!

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