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Climbin' some rope. #aerialarts #aerialrope #cordelisse

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Inverted in the Woods With the Midweight Wool 1/4 Zip Scout


Meet Brian Madden, our resident acrobat! Brian enjoys being a BA because,

WoolPRO‘s quality truly is better than many of the others that I’ve tried and I like supporting companies that I believe in.”

He recently put our midweight wool to good use while camping. Check out his experience with the 195g 1/4 zip Scout!


Midweight Wool 1/4 Zip Scout


“I might have found a new favorite piece of clothing in the Scout. I was impressed by just how soft the fabric was! Typically it takes some wear before wool gets that soft in my experience. Beyond that, everything about it is exactly what I’d want in a long sleeved shirt. The fit is perfect, with a little bit of room in the torso but still snug enough that it looks complementary rather than boxy or baggy. The length is perfect, long enough for tucking in but not too long that it can’t go untucked. The color is fantastic, and is well accented by the darker color stitching. Overall, it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from WoolPRO, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Your success means that my family, my friends, and I can continue buying and wearing quality wool clothes from a brand that we trust.”

See full WoolPRO men’s line HERE.

Who is Brian Madden?

My name is Brian Madden, and I’m a 30 year old kid at heart. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania before moving out to California to pursue a graduate degree. California has treated me well, and introduced me to surfing, camping, hiking, and indirectly to bodyweight fitness and circus arts. I’m a pretty big geek–a software engineer by profession–and if I’m not working, surfing, or training circus arts I’m usually playing video games.

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