Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Cyclist and World-Traveler Guilhem Lacaze Puts WoolPRO Skylark and Juno to the Test

This week, we’ve got a stellar review of WoolPRO’s Skylark and Juno from Guilhem Lacaze. Check it out! LIGHT – VERSATILE – SWEET SMELLING Hi, my name is Guilhem Lacaze; I’m a funky, hyperactive, sport-loving, road-biking, coffee-drinking life-a-holic. I spend a lot of my time on the run, hopping from …

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Merino Wool: Five Reasons We Love It

It’s no secret that merino wool is one of the best choices (if not THE best) for insulating base-layers and active wear. Here at WoolPRO, we obviously know and wholeheartedly believe in its value–enough that we built our entire brand using only 100% merino wool. But why? 1. Merino wool is both …

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Fun with Julia and Her Boston Terrier, Sabbie at the Beach


Julia definitely does have fun! Living in Boston (with her adopted BOSTON Terrier Sabbie) leaves Julia wanting to balance city living with some outdoor adventuring. So, on the weekends, she and Sabbie hike, camp, stroll the beach, and travel a bit! Because of this, Julia appreciates good Merino wool layers. …

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Traveling to Japan: The Piglet and the Boar


The Piglet and the Boar, aka Dustin and Deja (, took their WoolPRO baselayers with them from their home in California to Japan. As brand ambassadors, they traveled for a more-than-month-long backpacking trip all over the country. “Most importantly, our primary goal was to go to Japan with no more …

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Laura’s Appalachian Trail Action in a WoolPRO Skylark and Scout


Brand Ambassador Spotlight #6 is Instagram user @meekosmom, aka Laura Ringer! A dog lover, Laura and her cattle dog Meeko are currently traveling all around the U.S. for some great hiking. They’ve done all different parts of the PCT, the Appalachian Trail, have been to Arches National Park, etc. For …

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Halfmiletogo Scout Review featuring Activeseam

woolpro close up

We’re reposting the halfmiletogo blog post. The original can be read here: We are particularly pleased with the review of the activeseam stitches. “A few weeks back, I was browsing reddit’s backpacking related subreddits (shoutout to r/hiking, r/campingandhiking and r/outdoorsgear) when I came across a post from u/textilemagnate speaking …

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