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From Climbing Mountains to Going Hard At The Gym, Juno Is The Perfect V-Neck

Brand Ambassador Ross Collicutt is an avid outdoors-man who loves hiking, biking, running, skiing, etc. Read his thoughts below about spending a few weeks sporting WoolPRO’s Juno T-Shirt at the gym, in the wild, and around town!

The WoolPRO Juno

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“I’ve been skeptical at how comfortable Merino would be when you’re going hard and sweating a lot. Merino sounds like it would be quite warm. I’ve been very surprised how comfortable it keeps you when hot or cold. Those sheep are smart.

I like the feel of the Juno even when it’s covered in sweat. I can wear it to work out at the gym or to climb our local mountains. I’m warm enough in the cool mornings but doesn’t get too warm when we’ve hit the steep sections and usually wishing for the air conditioning.

The fit is trim but not too tight. I have a medium which fits well on my 5’7” 170 pound frame. Sometimes these shirts are too tight over my shoulders to be comfortable but the Juno stretches and moves nicely. The seams are flat and comfortable to wear, I don’t even notice they’re there.

I like the V-neck styling for a little bit of style out after hiking. Not smelling because of the merino is an added bonus. The Juno makes for a perfect travel shirt as well. You could wear it for weeks straight I’m sure (something I haven’t tried yet but it might be almost that long since I last washed mine!).”

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