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Cyclist and World-Traveler Guilhem Lacaze Puts WoolPRO Skylark and Juno to the Test

This week, we’ve got a stellar review of WoolPRO’s Skylark and Juno from Guilhem Lacaze. Check it out!


Hi, my name is Guilhem Lacaze; I’m a funky, hyperactive, sport-loving, road-biking, coffee-drinking life-a-holic.
I spend a lot of my time on the run, hopping from one place to the next and more often than not tipping the contents of the washing machine straight back into my suitcase.

The first time I had the opportunity to use the Juno and Skylark Woolpro shirts was at my home base in Bern in January: as my runs were either at 6am or 9pm, I had lovely negative Swiss winter temperatures (read -10C) to deal with every time I jogged out the door and skidded across the icy pavement.
Both the long and short sleeve models were great under a windstopper jacket – even as a warm-blooded Southern Frenchman, I never needed an extra layer to keep my body temperature level.

Size-wise, I’m tall and skinny and am used to shirts being twice as wide as I am. While the M was not quite slim-fitting on my 1m95 / 79kg lanky frame, the shirts were long enough on the waist with no excessive material under the arms or around the neck. Sure I got sweaty under my not-so-breathable outer shell, however the Woolpro base layers never felt baggy or clammy when I started working up a sweat.


Having had enough of frostbite on my fingers in Bern, my next adventure took me across the world to New Zealand in February. In my usual manic fashion I tossed an armful of clothes into a bag at the last minute and jumped on a plane to explore new roads and running trails.
As always with travel, I brought ten shirts and ended up wearing two. One of those was the Woolpro Juno, which turned into my best travel buddy (just don’t tell my girlfriend).

Super light, it didn’t take up any room in my day bag, dried very fast and best of all didn’t smell nasty after a couple of runs. In fact it didn’t smell, period. I aired it out in the back of the van a few times but honestly can’t remember if I washed it. If the stench of my socks was any reference, I didn’t wash a lot during that trip, so full points for the Juno on the smello-scale!

The V-neck of the Juno also earns brownie-points: it adds a fashionable touch and meant I found myself wearing the shirt yet again when I returned to civilisation after a few days on the backroads.

No insulation around my bed-on-two-wheels meant I often woke up a little chilly in the middle of the night. The Merino wool is so soft and supple I just fished the shirt out from under my pillow with my eyes still closed, pulled it on and snuggled right back down – oh the coziness!


 In the end I wore it hiking, I wore it running, I wore it exploring and I wore it sleeping for two whole weeks. Then I wore it out to dinner. Seeing as I still got a hug after that (and not because I paid the bill), I’m pretty confident the Merino wool did all it advertises. Next time I hit the road, it will be the first thing I stuff into my bag!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, you might catch a pic of me modeling it 🙂

Catch you soon,


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