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Merino Wool Gear Review and Dog Life With Jaquie

The 9th spotlight on our Brand Ambassadors belongs to Jacquie Pozzini! She uses her WoolPRO Juno and Agena for pretty much all of her activities! She runs (a lot), climbs, hikes, camps, kayaks once in a while, and enjoys time with her dogs and cat. Check out her gear review!



Instagram @jacquiepozz.

Take a peak, especially for her gardens! Even her everyday activities, like grocery shopping, are opportunities to wear WoolPRO.

Gear Review - Run
Gear Review - Trail
On the Trail


Juno Gear Review:

“I am in love with my Juno v-neck! I have been wearing this shirt every time go on a run and I’m impressed. This shirt is very form fitting and since it is so soft I have had zero chaffing and the v-neck keeps it from being tight on my neck. This wicks sweat away and doesn’t leave you with the cold sensation that synthetics often do. I love that I can wear this shirt on a trip a couple times and not have to worry about it smelling. I can’t wait to try it out on some of my upcoming camping trips!”

Agena Gear Review:

“I had the opportunity to wear my women’s agena shirt on a recent hike through the Gorge Metro Park in Northeast Ohio. It was a chilly day but we were hiking fast and this shirt wicked away the sweat and still kept me warm. I love that this shirt is so wearable! It has a feminine shape and is long enough that I can move and climb up rocks without getting a gap. It looks like a normal shirt and it’s now my go-to shirt for running errands on the weekends. I’m also happy to report that after an accidental trip through a high heat dryer, my woolpro shirt still looks like new!”

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