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Getting to Know Samantha & Our Samba Leggings

WoolPRO Brand Ambassador Samantha is a funny, free spirited ecologist with a love for cats! She was eager to try our Samba leggings and her feedback was a true testimony to the products we love to build!


Samba Leggings

Who are you? 

Samantha Chavez, a recently graduated ecologist and lover of hiking, birdwatching, and living in the woods!

What is/was your first impression of WoolPRO as a brand and company?

A small company dedicated to having real users try their high quality items and letting the products speak for themselves.

What are your immediate, first impressions of the Samba Leggings?

Comfy. So, so, comfy. My newest set of yoga pants for sure. Also great to have under shorts for a hike or a run.

Check out the full WoolPRO women’s line here.

BA Samantha Chavez

I’m living and working in the Sierra Nevada Forest. I have easy access to many wonderful places in the Sierras that I will be making weekend trips to. I work both in the low and high elevations from dusk to midnight. I’m really interested in trying the new sweaters and the leggings to see how they compare to how I’m keeping warm at night in the high elevations. Follow me on instagram @felinesami

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