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Great Jumps from the Dropzone in Merino Wool

I was finally able to make it out to the dropzone this past weekend and although the winds were a bit gusty we got in a couple great jumps! It’s been such a pleasure working with WoolPro this past season and having an opportunity to wear the Agena base layer under my jumpsuit as soon as the fall temperatures have started rolling in. Being physically comfortable is one of the most important things while skydiving and it’s something that in most conditions you can control if you have selected the right gear. That’s where WoolPro comes in. They have covered every small detail imaginable when it comes to designing and manufacturing a base layer, which has resulted in a great final product. There are three major things that make this shirt stand out: The fit, the feel and the functionality.

The WoolPRO Agena

Appalachian Trail



Dropzone Baselayer Review

The Fit: My favorite part about this shirt is how tight the arms are, even through they are only made of wool with no synthetic material at all. I don’t want a base layer riding up my arms under my jumpsuit and with the way this shirt fits it’s not an issue. The bottom of the shirt keeps fitted to me as well, no excess material to deal with and a flattering fit. The stitching is all flat so there’s no irritation at any of the seams. 
The Feel: I find synthetic base layers like UnderAmour super irritable, but the 100% merino wool is soft and comfy. It’s the ultimate material to keep you warm but still allow for moisture to escape. It also drys fast after you’ve put in some work!
The Function: This shirt is a work horse! You can put in on Friday night and wear it straight through the weekend without worrying about it smelling. Being naturally anti-microbial means that it doesn’t start to smell like cotton or a synthetic after days of use. When you are ready to wash it, it’s super easy to throw in with the rest of the colored laundry, nothing special required. It
feels delicate but it’s super durable!
Check out the full WoolPRO Men’s line HERE.

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