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Harris Cyclery Reviews the WoolPRO Agena for cycling



HARRIS CYCLERY (home of Sheldon Brown… who remains a god to those of us who service our own bikes…) REVIEWS WOOLPRO

Wonderful WoolPro Wool

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Elton

Nothing beats fine merino wool for on, and off, bike wear. Merino keeps you warm in the cold and cool when it gets hot. It keeps you warm when it gets wet, and doesn’t retain odors like other “hi-tech” fabrics. It’s machine washable (when you eventually need to after multiple wearings) and durable. Easy peasy.

We’ve received some wool base layers by Woolpro that we are quite excited about. These base layers feature a soft fine weave that feels good on the skin. They call it 195g Warm Wool. It’s great as a single layer when it’s a bit cool and ideal for layering when it gets colder. Flat seams and side panels provide for a comfortable fit and a durable garment.

We currently have three styles….

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