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Hiking Vancouver Island in the WoolPRO Scout

Ross Collicutt is a WoolPRO Brand Ambassador and digital creative addicted to health and outdoor fitness. Right now he’s mapping trails on Vancouver Island for the MapVI project and writing Epic Guidebooks for Vancouver Island. Recently, Ross reviewed the WoolPRO Scout on a hiking trip to Vancouver Island. Read more below!

The WoolPRO Scout:

Wearing Wool

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“It doesn’t matter what weather is going to be like when I’m going out in the [WoolPRO] Scout. Most of my time outside lately have been helping build hiking sections of the yet to be finished 700km Vancouver Island Spine Trail. We never know what the weather is going to be like when we plan a day out trail building. It shouldn’t matter. There’s no bad weather, only bad gear. With the Scout on and a light rain jacket, I’m comfortable all day.

Hiking Vancouver Island in the WoolPRO Scout

Out trail-building, it can be tough to regulate your temperature. Some of the time we are stopped, figuring out where the trail goes or eating lunch, other times we’re moving at a moderate place getting to new locations or taking photos of existing trail. Sometimes we’re working up a good sweat moving branches and fallen trees off the trail and cutting through thick salal and salmon berries. We don’t get very far in the dense parts, it’s tough work that definitely breaks a sweat.

The WoolPRO Scout has been the best thing to wear on these trail-building trips. I can wear it the entire time as it regulates my temperature better than a synthetic shirt. I don’t have to swap jackets on and off all day. It’s also nice to not have to worry about smelling terrible for the ride home.

Hiking Vancouver Island in the WoolPRO Scout

With no hood, the WoolPRO Scout is easy to layer underneath anything else or put right against your skin on the colder days. If the wind picks up or we stop for lunch, I’ll zip the collar up to keep the heat in. When we take off and I’m hurrying to keep up with my friends after taking too many photos and I’ll zip open the shirt to vent some of the heat.

Like the Helios, the Scout is a versatile piece, you can wear all day in any kind of weather.”

Hiking Vancouver Island in the WoolPRO Scout


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