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Kamikochi Valley Trail Running in Our Ultralight Juno

At the start of June, Dmytro and his family moved to Japan for an extended stay. Their goal was to see the country, learn the language, hike, climb and have a good time. His testing of this baselayer included trail running on the breathtaking Kamikochi Valley Trail in the Japanese Alps.


Gear Review: Kamikochi Valley in a Juno

Kamikochi Valley

Trail running

I ran in Juno usually in the morning, usually from 6 to 10 km, with elevation gain and drop of a 100 meters or so. Temperature and humidity varied, from nice and cool, to blistering hot and sauna level humid. On a few occasions, I used a windbreaker shell to stop wind and rain.

I ran few trails in Juno, the longest being a classic way into Kamikochi Valley, the Tokuga Toge pass. Running this trail I got lost and ended up on some abandoned trail to nowhere, scrambling up river, bushwhacking etc. Biggest difference in trail running, compared to daily running, is that the mountain the air is cooler and you often wear shell to protect against wind. In my case I started out with a shell and as it got warmer I removed it and wore only my Juno and running shorts. The full length of the trail and my detour was 30km. Strava Showed 2.8km elevation gain(but I suspect it was less).

On my way back I took a bus still wearing Juno, I am sure people sitting close by were happy it was not a synthetic! No odor!


Juno is really the best Merino layer I used for running, things I tried before were just too warm. The fit was excellent and in general it performed great. The t-shirt feels comfortable to the skin ans is resilient(so far no damage at all). It is light and does not stink! Since I have about half a dozen different t shirts for running I basically use Juno all the time!


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