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Laura’s Appalachian Trail Action in a WoolPRO Skylark and Scout

Brand Ambassador Spotlight #6 is Instagram user @meekosmom, aka Laura Ringer!

A dog lover, Laura and her cattle dog Meeko are currently traveling all around the U.S. for some great hiking. They’ve done all different parts of the PCT, the Appalachian Trail, have been to Arches National Park, etc. For amazing pictures of their scenery (and of Laura and Meeko!) see her IG above. In addition, she enjoys cooking, crafts, and the outdoors in general.

PCT, Laura
A Scout on the PCT


Gear Review

The goods: what does Laura have to say about her WoolPRO Scout and Skylark tops?

“Sorry I’ve been MIA… We have been out hiking the Appalachian Trail and so we have not had reception for awhile. First, I tried out the Scout 1/4 zip you sent and really enjoyed it. The fabric is really soft and silky against the skin, which is a wonderful improvement on some of the scratchy other Merino wool stuff I usually wear. When it came down to final cuts in my pack, I opted to bring another medium weight long sleeve instead of the Scout, because it is lighter to carry. I will, however, wear the 1/4 zip after the trail as it feels so good on the skin and is a very flattering color and style. I wore it on a few night hike on the PCT back in March under a puffy layer and was super warm even with blowing winds and freezing nights.

Also, I did bring the lightweight black Skylark long sleeve you sent as a lightweight layer for sun and bug protection on the AT. I have been wearing this shirt daily for over a month now and love it. I was worried about it being too warm because it is black, but it’s not at all. The shirt is super thin and protects my skin without being hot at all. I was also worried about the thinness leading to easy tears. But, it has held up perfectly against being caught on branches, vigorous creek washes and daily wear. My only negative feedback on this shirt is that it is pretty tight and the sleeves are too short. I ordered a medium of both shirts and much prefer the fit of the 1/4 zip over the lightweight base layer.”

Pike Forest, Colorado
Arches National Park with Meeko!
















You know, just some more cross-country, all around the U.S. action with WoolPRO!


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