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Lightweight Wool with WoolPRO Besties

Amber is a WoolPRO BA from Ohio. She and her best friends Jacquie and Janelle (also WoolPRO BA’s) love to travel, adventure and do pretty much everything together and all while wearing their WoolPRO gear! Amber has reviewed the Juno and Skylark. Read on to see what she has to say about the Skylark during her trip to Nicaragua.



Lightweight Wool Review

The Juno is an awesome baselayer. It’s a snug fit, as it should be for a baselayer. It’s light weight but does everything you want and need from wool. I often travel and this is a great basic tshirt. I’ve worn it a few days in a row and there’s no nasty body order scent. I like to wear it with a vest in the fall or under a sweater. Very well made product!! Highly recommended!!”

Head on over to and check out all of our Ultra-light weight options. At 135gs, we have the lightest Merino baselayers on the market!

Who is Amber?

“My name is Amber and I am a dietitian. I like to follow a healthy life with a little bit of adventure. I’m looking forward to obtaining my doctorate. I love to travel the most and I look forward to my trip in Nicaragua to do some volcano boarding! . When looking for the right clothes to take anywhere, that can handle the stress I put them through, Lightweight Wool is a top favorite of mine for any sport and traveling! Not only is it antibacterial, it keeps you warm when you walk through a freezing river and have to hike miles back! Follow me on twitter @AmberGorman3


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