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Meanderthals Hiking Blog Reviews The Lightweight Juno!

Western North Carolina is a hiking haven for many on the eastern seaboard. Jeff over at Internet Brothers/the Meanderthals Hiking Blog is lucky enough to live there and hike it frequently! National Parks and National Forests surround him, and he has taken them in and embraced the outdoors for a long time.


Previously working in outdoor equipment and goods, Jeff has used his retirement for good. “With my new-found time and freedom, I volunteer for the National Park Service on the Blue Ridge Parkway and recently on a phenology project at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With budget cuts in Washington affecting the services at our national parks and national forests, it is incumbent upon volunteers to preserve and protect our treasured landscapes and wild places for future generations. I am also a member of several conservation groups in Western North Carolina.”

Meanderthals Hiking Blog reviewed our Juno 135g ultralight tee!

What did Jeff think of it? Read a snippet below, then head over to the article to read the whole thing! Feel free to also browse their website at-large

Meanderthals Hiking Blog 1
Dutchman’s Breetches

“I tested The Juno hiking in the high country of Western North Carolina on one of those cool morning, warm afternoon early spring days. I started with The Juno as my base layer with a long sleeve merino crew over top. Even after more than an hour of up and down hill, The Juno was completely dry. This is one of the best wicking merino tees I’ve ever worn. After lunch as the temperature rose into the mid-sixties I removed my top layer and wore The Juno by itself for the return trip. Once again, not a drop of perspiration clung to the material. Amazing!

Spring in the mountains means wildflowers, so I was up and down off the ground dozens of times taking macro photos. I never once had to worry about readjusting the shirt when I got back up. The tail stayed tucked and the sleeves didn’t ride up my shoulders. The fit remained comfortable throughout.”

They’re available for order on our website 🙂

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