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Merino Wool: Five Reasons We Love It

It’s no secret that merino wool is one of the best choices (if not THE best) for insulating base-layers and active wear. Here at WoolPRO, we obviously know and wholeheartedly believe in its value–enough that we built our entire brand using only 100% merino wool. But why?

1. Merino wool is both moisture-wicking and water-resistant.

Merino Wool WoolPRO Women's Juno
WoolPRO Women’s Juno

This is great for several reasons. First, it keeps you warm and dry in damp or cold environments. Second, if you DO get wet, the moisture-wicking properties will help you feel dry faster, keeping you warm even in extreme environments. This is largely due to the fact that wool will naturally absorb around 20% of it’s weight in water before allowing it to seep through and onto the wearer’s skin. Merino wool is also a great choice if you are someone who sweats a lot (no shame– we sweat a lot too!) because it will quickly wick the moisture away from your skin before you get those nasty sweat-chills. Bottom line: if you want to stay dry, wear wool.

2. Merino wool is a breathable material and can help regulate temperature for the wearer.

Merino Wool - WoolPRO Men's Thor
WoolPRO Men’s Thor

Merino sheep can’t just change clothes when the weather changes, which is why merino wool is both breathable and insulating. If the sheep can wear this stuff in virtually any climate and thrive, so can you! In merino wool, you’ll never have to worry about being too hot, even when a cold morning hike turns into an warm afternoon stroll. Our apparel can always be used as an insulating layer, even in changing climates! This is also pretty convenient for when you can’t decide what to pack. Easy answer: pack wool! It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you’ll be comfortable (and, if you’re wearing our WoolPRO gear, you’ll also be stylish!).


3. Merino wool offers natural UV protection.

Merino Wool - WoolPRO Men's Agena
WoolPRO Men’s Agena

You won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays through a wool shirt! Think about it: merino wool has had to evolve for thousands of years to protect sheep from the elements, from wind to rain to blistering sun! It makes sense that wool naturally protects the wearer, how else would sheep have survived years outside in the elements? Granted– much like sunscreen, the UV protection level changes with the weight of wool, but even lightweight garments offer protection from most UV frequencies. And, bonus fun fact: merino wool is naturally fire resistant! Hopefully you won’t be testing this first-hand, but it’s nice to know that in the event you are dangerously close to fire, you’re a little less likely to spontaneously combust…

4. Merino wool is odor-resistant.

Merino Wool- WoolPRO Midweight Wool 1/4 Zip Scout
WoolPRO Midweight Wool 1/4 Zip Scout

Honestly, what is worse than having to wear malodorous, smelly clothing?! Next to nothing! Thankfully, if your gear is mostly wool, you’ll be able to go longer in between washes before you’ll need nose plugs just to put on your jacket. Trust us– your friends will thank you next camping trip! But how does merino wool manage this seemingly impossible feat? Well, remember when we mentioned that wool is able to absorb around 20% of its weight in water? That includes your sweat as well! And, once the wool has absorbed the products of your labor (ie: sweat), it’s trapped. Those tough little wool fibers are going to keep those nasty sweat odors locked in with the rest of the moisture they’ve absorbed, keeping you smelling like daisies until the next wash.

5. Merino wool is inherently natural, biodegradable, and renewable.

Merino Wool - WoolPRO Scout 1/4 Zip
WoolPRO Scout 1/4 Zip

Despite being listed last, this is by far not the least important reason to love merino wool. When a product is good for you AND the environment, that’s a all-around win in our book. But let’s take a closer look– how is merino wool naturally biodegradable? Well, wool fibers are made up of keratin, a natural protein that is biodegradable, similar to the proteins that make up human hair. Because of its composition, Merino wool easily decomposes in a matter of years, slowly releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the soil. It can even act as a fertilizer, bringing forth further growth! This is a sharp contrast to synthetic fibers, which can be extremely slow to decompose or entirely non-biodegradable. And, since merino wool comes from sheep, and sheep produce a new fleece every year, it is 100% renewable. In our case, we also take comfort in knowing that our Australian Merino farmers “work tirelessly to conserve the pastures on which their Merino sheep graze, protecting and preserving the natural resources for future generations while maintaining the efficiency of their land.”

So, what are the reasons YOU love merino wool? 

Drop them in the comments below or let us know on our facebook, instagram, or twitter!

Until next time– happy adventures!


WoolPRO products are designed, developed and manufactured to be the best looking, performing and feeling wool products in the market. We’ve spent years developing new Merino fabrics (Cool Knit 135 and Hi-Vis Merino) and new Merino technologies (ActiveSeam). We design, develop, and sew all of our products with 100% merino wool. Click here to learn more about WoolPRO. 

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