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Merino Wool Socks – for cycling


I ride. It’s a soul saving, guilty, healthy pleasure.

Riding in the cold means using gear. And crappy gear, in the cold, makes riding unpleasant.

Good gear on the other hand, makes riding in 20 degree temps with 20 knot headwinds just fine. Or some version of fine that only a person who really enjoys being on a bike in the winter recognizes.

IMG_20150320_091212-2So let’s talk about feet for a minute. Feet freeze on a bike. Feet and hands. Anyone who has ridden in the cold and wet is familiar with the creeping numbness. The move a lot as you peddle, but it’s almost all action above the ankle. Your feet really are just skin bricks attached to your peddles. They just get increasingly cold the longer you ride. It’s just this simple.

Mitigating this, without bulking things up like the michelin man, is the goal. Keep the tootsies warm without getting complicated.

It happens that at WoolPro – we design, develop and produce things that keep appendages, heads and torsos warm. Why not feet?

So we started working on socks. Thin socks that keep your toes and heel warm. We started designing socks about six months ago, with an eye towards 2016. Along the way we had one of the snowiest and coldest winters in Massachusetts that anyone can remember.

Today – I tested what might be our 2016 sock. It pads the shin, toe box and heel. It’s thin on the top and bottom of the foot – and really importantly on the ankle bone. It is mostly Merino wool – with a good handful of elastane – and so far it works better than any of my other socks.

Is it the best sock in the world. I doubt it. Right now it’s the best sock in my drawer though – and it’s the best version of sock that we’ve built this winter. Pretty encouraging stuff.

The sock itself will get put through its paces (i was pun hungry, but now i’m full) this spring. If it’s awesome, we just might make a some more for the fall.

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