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Merino Wool Astrobee Beanie, a Winter Favorite!

We think of this as the back-pocket cap. Small enough to fit in your pocket, and perfect for keeping your head warm when the weather cools off in the winter. The ASTROBEE 100% Merino beanie is made with ultra-soft WoolPro Warm Wool. At 195g it’s the perfect weight for cool to cold temperatures and provides the perfect amount of warmth and breathability.



Brand Ambassador Sean Evans Shows Off His Winter Favorite, The Astrobee!

“Dropping the kids off at school on a sunny but brisk morning. I absolutely love this Astrobee beanie. The kids tease me because starting in October I pretty much never take it off!”

Check Out The Full WoolPRO Warm Wool Men’s Line HERE.

Who are you in one sentence?

Just a guy trying to not freeze in Minnesota.

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