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Gear Review: Cycling, Skiing, and WoolPRO at Michigan Tech!

Most reviews and submitted photos for season 1 goes to Michigan Tech student Tim S!

Tim spends his free time cycling, mountain biking, and sometimes gets out on the slopes skiing as well. We even have a cool snowy video with handlebar-view while Tim was mountain biking in Michigan! Check him out on Instagram: @der_dritte_spehar.

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Gear Review:

Tim S provided us with his thoughts on the Agena, Scout, Juno, and Zond arm warmers.

For my Michigan Tech spring break I ended up in Denver, Colorado on a week-long ski trip. My roommate and I went out with the prospect of finding huge powder runs, and some big drops. We found it, but the weather had something else in store for us. As most folks in Denver know, you can experience all four seasons in one day, sometimes within the hour. That happened on multiple occasions for us. Sitting on the chairlift up for first run down it was a chilly 11 degrees, but as the day went on it eventually warmed to a balmy 37. This produces a problem for skiers, what do you wear, and how much? WoolPRO had my answer. The Agena and Scout ¼ zip was the perfect match to keeping me warm and dry in the early morning, and cool and dry in the afternoon sun.

I’m not sure I would’ve had as much fun without the proper clothing, and all that thanks go to WoolPRO.

Michigan Tech Life - Skiing

The Agena was the perfect base layer, being a long sleeve with extra stretch to be tucked into my ski pants. Coupled with the scout ¼ zip, I was able to regulate both my sweating and temperature fluctuations with only having to either zip it up, or unzip it. It was that simple. As with the Juno and arm warmers, these products are amazing quality. It’s not often you find a company that can put out a product as nice as this, but WoolPRO does it right, and they do incredibly well. The products speak for themselves.

As cyclist to the core, there is nothing better than a kit that is both functional and fashionable.

As a student at MTU we are never short of one thing, cold weather. Even as the sun comes out it is still cold, but you can’t not hop on the saddle when the suns out. I was very ecstatic to try out the arm warmers, and Juno T base layer.

First of all, the quality of the arm warmers is top notch. Much to my surprise these bad boys work amazingly well at keeping me warm, stylish and dry. It’s actually a little scary how well they work, I find myself wearing them when I run, or under other layers throughout the day. To top it all off they fight off stink better than deodorant! That’s a huge plus to a cyclist, especially when you are being covered in road spray, sweat, blood, grease, among other things.

Michigan Tech Life - Glades

The Juno base layer was actually released in the spring colors just as I had placed an order. I have one in blue and another in black. The Juno fits under a cycling jersey really well! Matching up sleeve lengths and the V-neck really helped me expel heat when I had to start huffing and puffing up some of our more notorious climbs. It kept me dry, which is a huge plus! Being wet with sweat cutting through the air can make for one chilly ride.”

Michigan Tech Life - Bicycle


All of the items Tim S has are still available on

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