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Ice Climbing & Torres del Paine with WoolPRO and Ming – Scout and Thor

Who’s Ming?

Great question, WoolPRO World! Ming is one of the climbers among our Brand Ambassadors, and is based in North Carolina. For Season 1, he completed some ice climbs in North Carolina (as seen by the photos herein), as well as a trip to Patagonia in South America. Sounds like a good idea after completing the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination Step 1!

Gear, Ming
Gearing Up… Peep That Double Box WoolPRO Logo ;





Long Way Up













His Gear

Ming travels and climbs with his 1/4 zip Scout and men’s Thor bottoms. From his reviews, you can tell what he thinks of them:


“I’ve been hiking and climbing for about 10 years now, and merino has always been my favorite material for baselayers. However, recently most of the popular outdoor apparel companies have switched to Merino blends. To me, they just are not the same. Sure, they feel a little less scratchy when they’re dry, but as soon as I start to sweat, they feel moist/grimy/slimy the rest of the day. Then in comes WoolPro. When I received the leggings in the mail, I was a bit skeptical that they could measure up to major brands such as Arcteryx or Mountain Hardware. So I took them with me on the ultimate test: hiking the Torres del Paine circuit and Mt. Fitz Roy in Patagonia. As a long time ice climber, I know how dangerous sudden weather changes can be, and the notoriety of Patagonian weather.

Another Craggy Look

For me, leggings are one of the most important articles of clothing I have for hiking in every season except a hot summer day. While in Patagonia, there was not a single day that the wind gusted at less than 50kmph, few days clocking in at over 100. The temperature could be 80F and sunny one moment, and 45F a few minutes later with glacial winds pouring down the valleys.

WoolPro leggings proved up to the challenge. I wore them under a pair of athletic shorts every day. They were breathable and allowed adequate sweat evaporation during the moments that felt like summer and were surprisingly resistant to the walls of wind that hit us unexpectedly every day. My legs rarely felt hot or cold in spite of weather that varied quite dramatically from hour to hour! At night, they made for nice, comfortable pajamas.”




The End of a Climber’s Weekend


“The WoolPro Scout quarter zip is like most merino base layers in many ways, but there’s a couple of features that stand out. The first is the fit of the arms. Most other base layers that I own either are loose all over or tight all over. WoolPro is the first one that has form fitting sleeves but is still a little loose around the torso and the waist. The tighter sleeves prevents them from bunching up under other layers or catching on things when worn as a light outer sweater. The looser torso allows for free range of motion without riding up when bending over.

I also bike 20 miles round trip everyday commuting to work, usually leaving the house at 4:30am or earlier. A good base layer acts as a nice light, breathable sweater during early summer when it is still pretty chilly in the morning. I think the only thing I would change about the Scout is adding a breast zippered pocket. Some other base layers and lighter mid layers have this and its definitely a useful feature!”

Side Profile

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[*Sidenote- it’s important, in my opinion, to highlight one of my favorite aspects of getting to know our BAs. Be on the lookout for this awesome trend in our posts: each of our BAs are caring, outgoing individuals, passionate about some sort of outdoor activity. However, they also all manage to be outdoorsy in nature, athletic, AND successful in intellectual pursuits! They’re so well-rounded, and I admire that! It takes quite a bit of work to manage all of these things simultaneously.]


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