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Mountain biking with the Juno and Zond, a Winning Wool Combination

Tim is a Michigan Tech student who has a passion for mountain biking. You will often find his WoolPRO Juno and Zond Arm Warmers tucked underneath his Michigan Tech biking gear. He’s had great adventures and even better results with WoolPRO Merino Wool baselayers.



WoolPRO Mountain Biking Review

I’ve got quite a few cycling specific baselayers, but the one I constantly go to are my Junos. The compression fit is the main draw for me, being able to keep my blood moving, and help fight fatigue is a huge help when punishing uphills and fast downhills populate the races in my area (such as the Copper Harbor Trails Fest Enduro, or the Mont. Ripley Downhill). Another great aspect that I love is their v-neck, it looks great under a jersey, or used as the jersey! Another awesome plus is their compatibility with my pads and protective gear, not only do they match color wise, but the Juno fits well underneath them and helps keep the pads in place for when I inevitably take a wrong turn or tumble. Which happens more than I’d like to admit, but then again it’s all apart of the sport.
Zond Arm Warmers:
The arm warmers have come back out in the past couple weeks with fall and winter knocking at the Keweenaw’s doorstep. As a “grab and go” pocket-able item, I love being able to stash them away after a couple miles once my arms get warmed up, or when the sun peaks through the trees. With the snow falling now, they are never left behind and have a great compatible fit with my elbow pads! It’s nice to be protected AND warm. Aside from mountain biking, they have become well worn and seen many spring mornings when the air is crisp, and the fog is rolling out during a road ride. They breathe just enough to stay regulated without overheating.

Check out the full WoolPRO Men’s line HERE.

Who is Tim?

I’m an adventurer at heart. I am currently attending university in a region with amazing skiing, mountain biking, and camping. I’ve been a BA for two seasons now and I cannot look back on the experience with anything but excitement. It has and will be fun. WoolPro is my base-layer for my crit races, skiing, camping sleepwear, and adventuring clothing. It’s awesome!

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