Thursday , 20 June 2019

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Merino Wool Review – A Day With Spencer Bruce

WoolPRO Brand Ambassador, Spencer Bruce, gave us a great Merino Wool review on the Helios Hoodie during his recent trip to the Montana National Forest. Check it out below! Merino Wool Review – Helios Hoodie “I’m excited to give a merino wool review on My WoolPro Helios hoodie! It has …

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Getting to Know Alvaro and the Many Faces of the Ultralight Juno

Who is Alvaro? “My name is Alvaro Batista and I’m a dad of 5 year old twins that loves to have fun and explore different activities and places. I love to dance (salsa), snowboarding, traveling, nature outdoor activities (trail running, camping, hiking).” The WoolPRO Juno “I’ve been wearing the Juno …

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Campfire Review with Brand Ambassador Tim

“My most recent campfire review was at High Rock Bay. This spot is the northernmost camping site within Michigan. This overlooks Belle Isle in Lake Superior, as well as any freighters that may pass through. Most know about Superior’s icy waters, but the icy waters can make for chilly evening …

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