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Jumping out of Planes: Skydiving with WoolPRO

As one of the more extreme Brand Ambassadors, TJ loves skydiving! He also loves Merino wool and WoolPRO. After all, he’s got a pair of Thor bottoms, a Helios hoodie, and an Agena long sleeve just from Season 1 alone! Also, he’ll be back for Season 2 along with his girlfriend and jump partner, Cecilia.


Skydiving with a Helios



Skydiving Gear Review:

TJ’s gear review comes by way of his Facebook page. Here’s a text version of it!

“I’ve started leaving my jumpsuit on the ground and jumping in regular clothes more recently. For freeflying I’ve just found it more comfortable and convenient than changing into a one-piece jumpsuit. The WoolPRO Helios Merino Hoodie has served as the perfect companion over several weekends of jumping this spring at Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center over the Poconos Mountains of PA.

The fit, feel and weight of this hoodie are all exactly what I hoped a 100% merino wool hoodie would be like.

There has been a lot of attention to detail in the construction of this piece with the active wearer in mind. The athletic fit means there are no spots for extra fabric to bunch up. Many traditional hoodies will do this around the mid-waist pockets. The dropped tail allows me to fully tuck-in without having to worry about it working its way out. The extended zip neck acts like a built-in neck warmer when fully zipped.

The merino wool feels light weight and easy to wear while it’s on, but with enough weight to keep your body temperature regulated as the outside temperature drops. And when climbing to jump altitude of almost 14,000 feet, the temperature gradient from the ground can be a difference of over 20 degrees Fahrenheit! Wearing the Helios hoodie keeps me from overheating while I’m waiting for the plane to load and take off. It then gives heat back to me as we begin to climb.

The pockets are expertly tailored and secure. I feel comfortable leaving small items like my packing-tool and credit card/ID zipped into the breast pocket. The zippers hold strong even in 160mph wind until I’m back on the ground ready to fetch what’s inside.

The durability of this piece is also remarkable, particularly incredible as it’s made of 100% soft wool.

I’ve worn it throughout the spring and there’s no visible sign of wear, even having been worn under the weight and friction of my rig. The 100% natural merino wool construction also means I can wear this for a long time without having to worry about it picking up any foreign smells (like A1 jet fuel or my own body odor).

I’ve owned many hoodies in my life but never have I come across one made of 100% merino wool. Combined with the talents of the designers at WoolPRO, the result is nothing short of an incredible piece. I plan to use this hoodie for many years skydiving.”


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