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Steph & Andrew Backcountry Hikes with WoolPRO Agenas and Astrobee Beanie

Hey WoolPRO World, Nicole A here! I want to start spotlighting Season 1 BAs! They are all pretty incredible, so it’s about time I share with you all 🙂 I’ll kick off the Season 1-ers (soccer pun intended… what a good UEFA Cup final!) with this Brand Ambassador spotlight on Stephanie and Andrew Braith!


Couple, Andrew, Steph
Couple’s Pic with Matching Agenas!

About Steph and Andrew

Though both are working in the medical fields, Steph and Andrew are outdoors whenever possible outside of work. Most of all they hike, go on at least one backcountry trip a year (living in Nebraska means they usually travel for longer hiking trips), and rock climb. This past March, they traversed the Grand Canyon and Havasupai Falls in Arizona, and are currently on a Rocky Mountain National Park trip! Steph and Andrew love active wear that doubles as work and lifestyle attire.


Knowing a nurse or two (mom, brother, three aunts), I know that staying comfortable in fluctuating temperatures throughout the different areas of a hospital is tough, as is staying comfy with under-scrubs clothing. But, WoolPRO works well for the Braiths’ various needs. So well that Stephanie will be back for Season 2! In addition, due to his being entirely consumed by schoolwork while in his fourth year of medical school, Andrew will continue using his Season 1 gear for now and return again after Season 2 (we wish you the best of luck, Andrew!).

Steph at Havasupai Falls


A Lovely Backdrop

Their Gear

They wore Agenas and an Astrobee beanie throughout Season 1. Consequently, here’s their thoughts on each:


Steph- The Agena “felt like a second skin as soon as I put it on. I wore it when we hiked out of Havasupai Falls. In the morning when it was cool, the wool insulated well and kept me warm. I can’t wait for my next hiking adventure to use my technical shirt again!”


Andrew- “When I first put this on, I thought, ‘this is very light, I do not know that it will do well in cold weather.’ When I stepped outside in 30 degree weather and started running; however, I learned just how wrong I was… The shirt is breathable in warm weather, yet solid enough to keep me warm through cold mornings. Thus, a deceptively warm shirt for a variety of occasions.”


Campsite Andrew – with Astrobee!






Andrew at the Supai Sign







Andrew on the Astrobee beanie:

“20 Degrees? No problem. Cold night in a tent? Crank up the sleeping bag rating about 10 degrees with this handy beanie.”






In conclusion, as with any of our gear, buy the Astrobee or Agena on WoolPRO’s website!


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