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Te Araroa Thru-hike with the Merino Wool Juno

Over the past 3-5 months BA Kylor Hall has been thru-hiking the Te Araroa, 3000km across both islands of New Zealand.  He carried 2 shirts, both WoolPRO – the Juno & Skylark – and he also brought the Thor along to sleep in or wear under his shorts on cold days.

Te Araroa

Te Araroa Gear Review

The WoolPRO Juno


The Juno rounds out my gear as a wonderful base – and even primary – layer (depending on the weather).  It’s a very comfortable athletic fit and the elastic qualities that haven’t faded after months of use.  I wear it for days on end without washing and don’t seem to mind.

The WoolPRO Thor

Te Araroa


This is my first lower base layer, but the Thor leggings exceed my expectations of comfort.  The fit very well, have reinforcement in all the right places, and even when it’s not cold out I love to sleep in them.  I only carry a down quilt, so sleeping directly on a pad isn’t the greatest experience; I opt to sleep in my Juno or Skylark and Thor night after night.

Te Araroa

Kylor Hall

“My name is Kylor Hall and I’m travelling around the world for a handful of years. I love the outdoors and challenging myself to stuff I never thought I’d do. I bike and boulder on a daily basis and have 4000km worth of hiking planned this year in a few parts of the world. Why wear Merino Wool? It’s simply the best! My wardrobe is almost exclusively merino wool and I was inclined to be a BA as I put them through the ringer. Follow me on Twitter @kylorhall

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