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Wool Arm Warmers, A Great Addition

190g Warm Wool with a hint of stretch. All warmth, no bulk ZOND arm warmers are ideal for mild Winter temps and early morning rides. Silicon band on top hem to prevent slipping and ActiveSeam stitching combine to make the Zond arm warmers the softest and most comfortable way to add warmth when you need it. Pair it with the Juno for the ultimate custom baselayer experience. Stay warm when you want to be warm, and cool when you want to be cool. This baselayer option is equally smart and foolproof!


arm warmers


Zond In Action

“The Zond I was a little unsure of at first. I typically run very warm, so having additional arm coverage has never been much of a need for me. That said, I decided to wear them with my Juno instead of a second layer when I left the house to go to trainingΒ on Sunday. They definitely did their job and kept my arms nice and toasty. I think that they’ll be AWESOME when going on hikes or camping trips because they’re warm and don’t add a whole lot of pack weight. I’m a big fan of utility, and these are great in that respect because sometimes wearing 2 layers is too much, but 1 layer with short sleeves isn’t enough. Now that I have them, I really feel like I’ll be wearing them a lot more often than I had ever expected.”

Arm Warmers

Who is brand ambassador Brian Madden?

“My name is Brian Madden, and I’m a 30 year old kid at heart. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania before moving out to California to pursue a graduate degree. California has treated me well, and introduced me to surfing, camping, hiking, and indirectly to bodyweight fitness and circus arts. I’m a pretty big geek–a software engineer by profession–and if I’m not working, surfing, or training circus arts I’m usually playing video games. I love camping but don’t get to go nearly as much as I’d like, and it was researching camping gear that turned me on to wool. Since I first read about its awesome properties I’ve been hunting for top notch wool pieces that’ll stand the test of time and can put up with the weird stresses I put on them. Frankly I wanted to become a BA because I was apprehensive about buying wool (particularly because of the high cost of wool items) from a new brand as I’d had some bad experiences with other manufacturers, but still wanted to try the gear. Now I want to continue being a BA because the quality truly is better than many of the others that I’ve tried and I like supporting companies that I believe in. Your success means that my family, my friends, and I can continue buying and wearing quality wool clothes from a brand that we trust.”

bri_maddBrian Madden
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