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WoolPRO Gives Back: Bike and Build Dirt Day!

As a person from New England, I had never heard of the Bike and Build Dirt Day.

Here’s the scoop:

Dirt Day is a street festival in Wake Forest, North Carolina that is dedicated to showcasing the outdoors. Austin was out manning a booth for the upcoming cross country bicycle trip with Bike & Build, a non-profit dedicated to affordable housing that works with cyclists to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. We’ve been working with Austin to support his trip though his Brand Ambassadorship. We are excited we were able to send him a Helios hoodie to auction off that weekend.


Now that the auction has closed, Austin was thrilled to tell us that the winning bid was nearly $500!


Bicycling Fugawi

“Dirt Day started rough with driving winds and pouring rain during set up. I was thankful for my Fugawi hoodie that I threw in my bag on the way out the door. It kept me warm after my rain jacket caught some water through an open pit vent. After the rain finally subsided I dried out and it kept the wind off of me. For a non-technical hoodie it does a great job masquerading as a windbreaker, while staying super breathable. Throughout the day I was able to show off my hoodie while convincing people to place a bid for the one on the table.

I looked forward to wearing mine across the country this summer! While I expected more hot days than cold ones, I knew I’d need some insulation in the Rockies and in the evenings off my bike. I’m super thankful for WoolPRO helping me out, both with fundraising efforts with the hoodie I was able to auction off and in training, as my hoodie and Juno tee-shirt have proven invaluable for riding across the wide range of temperatures that Spring in North Carolina has thrown at me. If you’re interested in learning more about my trip you can check out my now fully funded fundraising page!”

The Helios Hoodie, Austin, bike

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