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WoolPRO Passes the Appalachian Trail Test

It has been a dream of mine since I started backpacking at 14 to attempt the Appalachian Trail.  I wanted to try it after high school but had no money, same story after college. Well I decided a couple years ago that it’s now or never. I gave myself 2 years to save the money needed to accomplish this dream. I figured if I am not serious enough to save the money I didn’t want it enough to finish anyway.

Well here I am 2 years later and have the money and all the gear I need to do this. I don’t doubt my physical strength but I do wonder if I am mentally strong enough. I have backpacked in the rain, cold, and heat. As well as any combination of the 3 (well maybe not cold heat), but not for weeks at a time. So this will be the biggest mental and physical test I have ever had. And I am looking forward to it!

The WoolPRO Agena

Appalachian Trail


Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Gear Review

“I have been using the agena and leggings as my main base layer for the past month and almost 300 miles on the Appalachian Trail. I mostly use them as sleep clothes and they have kept me warm during a 24 degree windy night on top of Springer Mountain. As well as through the Smokies.

Weather has been really nice for most of the month so I haven’t hiked in them much. Though I did get the chance to in the Smokie Mountains. I was welcomed into the Smokies with pea sized hail. Days 4 and 5 gave me freezing weather, sleet, and a touch of snow. I hiked about 30 miles in the Smokies with both leggings and shirt. They dry quick and kept me warm without overheating while hiking. They are also the least stinky things I own now.

I have also been alternating between woolpro and darn tough socks. So the woolpro socks have over 100 miles on them and they still look new. Also no blisters!”

Check out James’ full blog HERE.

Who is James?

I am 29 years old. Grew up in a small town in North Carolina where playing in the woods was what we did. Its often where I feel most comfortable.

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